The Manuel Adroer and Maria Raquel Martori Foundation is an entity whose objective is to invest in projects to protect assets and to allocate the returns to social action on a perpetual basis. The intention of the entity is therefore to be able to carry out this social action on a continuous basis and to be able to maintain the support over time.

The Foundation has an active involvement in society by making regular donations to individuals, associations, entities and/or foundations in need.

As stated in the articles of association, the Foundation aims to provide financial support to:

  • Individuals with limited or no resources to meet their basic needs: food, healthcare, education or training, and housing.
  • Other foundations, associations or legal entities that carry out social assistance activities on a non-profit basis.

Since its creation, the Foundation has been fully involved with different entities and individuals, which it has helped on an ongoing basis. Below is a summary of the donations made over the years:

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Total june-21 Total
2,100 4,550 20,200 4,200 24,200 55.250 31,100 86,350

Total donations done by the Foundation:



What do we propose?

The Foundation has a broad vision of improving society and wants to play an active role in this. It has therefore taken on the provision of resources to the different entities and/or people it wishes to help as its main mission.

It pursues this mission by investing in different projects in order to generate resources that, in turn, allow the Foundation to support the causes it has identified as priorities: individuals in need, or foundations, associations or legal entities that carry out social assistance activities on a non-profit basis.

How do we invest?

The Foundation’s mission is to allocate the returns on the investments made to direct and indirect recurring donations and to ultimately help people in need.

The Foundation tries to maximize the profitability of its assets in order to provide as much aid as possible. In line with its policy of social commitment, it does not invest in any of the following sectors: arms, gambling, drugs, speculation, tobacco, alcohol and any other sectors that undermine the life and wellbeing of people.

Clear Accounts

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